Our Story

IS&T was founded by Bryan Lefebvre in 2015.  After 16 years in the industry, it was time for the industry to see the unique product IS&T was ready to offer.  We are a company designed around creativity in working with commercial & industrial plants.  Production is always first, but maintenance, life safety and surveillance is a key component to a well operating plant.  We understand how imperative creativity and efficiency is to capitalize on the windows of opportunity when they are presented.  That is how we have made our name in the commercial and industrial industry servicing some of the largest names in protein processing facilities.  We service these customers on a national basis and at times have traveled internationally for them as well.  We pride ourselves on being readily available to provide a solution when an emergency arises.  We believe installing the product is only the first step.  Maintaining and ensuring you are benefiting from that product over time is the key to our success and a pleased customer.

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